Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences University – Loni

pravara 1 copyThe Pravara Medical Trust is the parent Organisaiton of the University and was established in 1972 in a small village Loni of Ahmednagar District (Maharashtra State) by a visionary Dr. Vitthalrao Vikhe Patil, the founder of Co-operative movement in India. 

In 1976 the Trust started providing primary and secondary level medical care with establishment of a modest hospital of 100 beds and over a period of time the hospital grew in to 800 beds multi-disciplinary, superspeciality medical institute with state of art facilities. 

The following institutes under the ambit of the University 

  1. Rural Medical College & Hospital, Loni
  2. Rural Dental College & Hospital, Loni
  3. College of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Center, Loni
  4. College of Nursing, Loni
  5. Centre For Social Medicine, Loni
  6. Center for Biotechnology, Loni

The University is unique in more than one way. It is specialised in Medical and Health Sciences with a dedication to serve the society as a Center of Excellence with emphasis on socially meaningful medical education, health care and research. 

The trust has received accolades from His Excellency Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, President of India for the pioneer work done in the field of integrated rural Development and appreciated the participative model of Integrated Rural Development followed at Loni as Role Model for the development of Rural India and has been referred by his Excellency as operative model of PURA- Providing Urban Amenities to Rural Area. 

The Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences – Deemed University at present offers various under graduate , post graduate and Diploma level programs. 

This University has the same status as that of other statutory Universities in India. The degrees, diplomas and certificates awarded by the University have approval of the Government of India, Govt. of Maharashtra and other states as well as the University Grants commission (UGC), Medical Council of India (MCI) Dental Council of India (DCI), All India Physiotherapists Association (AIPA) Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) and Nursing Council of India (INC). 

The infrastructure developed at the University Campus provides an opportunity to the meritorious students to become, appropriate and needbased health providers in their own environment.

Institutes :

The Rural Medical College since its inception in 1984 – first of its kind in India, is dedicated to serving society as a center of excellence with emphasis on socially meaningful medical education, research and health care.

In order to bridge the gap between the ever increasing demands of Dental personnel in rural areas and wide spread oral diseases and dental problems, the PMT established Rural Dental College and Hospital in 1989.

It is a constituent college of PIMS University, Loni. It was established in 1986. The college is located in the Pravara Rural Hospital Campus with an exclusive two storied building having all infrastructures that are required to prepare a competent nurse.

The Department of Physiotherapy was established in 1976 at Pravara Rural Hospital to cater to the preventive, curative, therapeutic and rehabilitation needs of the rural people. Need was felt to impart the much needed physiotherapy, vocational and rehabilitation training programme. College of Physiotherapy was established in 1997 to achieve this objective.

The Center for Biotechnology was established in the year 2000 with a basic intention of facilitating the initiation of young students in the field of medical biotechnology , by imparting them quality education and further training…

The CSM was set up in the year 2001, outside the confines of a medical, dental, nursing and physiotherapy colleges so that it could enrich itself through wider interaction with the various disciplines of medicine, allied health sciences, natural and social sciences and community groups.

The parent trust started providing primary and secondary level medical care in 1976 with a modest hospital of 100 beds. Responding to the need of the area, over a period of time, the hospital grew into an 800 bed multi-disciplinary, super-specialty medical institute along with the other ancillary facilities.

Campus Environment

The lush green campus of the University is spread over an area of 120 Acres, on Manmad – Nashik State Highway. The campus is beautifully planners and landscaped from utility and aesthetic point of view. The spacious environment has earned the distinction of being one of the best medical complexes in the country. 

The well-laid out University campus has spacious asphalted roads, gardens, children’s park, social and health clubs, water treatment plants, underground drainage, well illuminated street lights, moderately furnished residential quarters with intercom telephone and internet facility and uninterrupted power and supply for the teaching and non-teaching staff and utility complex. 

An ancient temple of Hindu Goddess “Durga” located within the University Campus on a natural hillock with dense vegetation around is a spot of attraction for both student and staff. Horticulture garden with trees like Mango, Coconut, Guava, Pomegranate across the Campus, adds beauty to the pollution free environment. The rich vegetation in the campus acts as a conductive habitat for peacocks and variety of birds. 

Hostel :

The university provides comfortable hostel accomodation. Adequate number of international standard hostels for undergraduate and post gradaute students of all disciplines (separate for boys and girls) with multi-gym, indoor sports and advanced communication facilities are provided in the campus.

Hostel premises has total Two boys hostel accomodating 540 Beds in 203 spacious rooms and Girls hostel accodating 1115 beds in 556 rooms.

For resident Medical Officers, university has two RMO hostels accomodating 243 beds in 124 spacious rooms.

All hostels are provided with uninterrupted power supply through inhouse power generators

To stay advanced and provide students with the best of the latest services, the Hostel campus has gone Wi-Fi, enabling students to access the internet through the wireless router, anytime in the Hostel

Hostel Charges

Hostel Deposit Rent
(Per year per student)
Boys Hostel
Two /Three bed Occupancy
Rs.20,000/- Rs.30,000/-
Ladies Hostel
Double bed Occupancy
Rs.20,000/- Rs.30,000/-
RMO Hostel
Double bed Occupancy
N.A. Rs.40,000/-
RMO Hostel
Single bed Occupancy
N.A. Rs.70,000/-
 Silver Jubillee International CentreAn elegant well-designed International Hostel with 108 furnished rooms is available in the campus for foreign and non-resident Indian (NRI) students.

Each room is well furnished and provided with a pantry, Intercom & ISDN telephone facility, WiFi Internet facility, T.V.(optional).

To stay advanced and provide students with the best of the latest services, the each room has Wi-Fi, enabling students to access the internet from room itself.

An well-designed Guest House is available in the campus for Visting Guests and paernts.Each room is well furnished and provided with a Intercom , T.V.(optional).

Internet Facility In the Campus 
The Pravara Medical Trust, Loni has accepted the challenge way back in 1984 to reorient medical education and training to suit to the needs of the vast majority of rural community, without diluting the quality of education.In the Process the reaching and research methodologies adopted are community oriented and problem based. These methods demand huge ,up-to-date , Practical information and Knowledge base.This has been done in the network of medical education institutions run by the Trust, while fulfilling all the prescribed norms of conventional Universities and statutory bodies like MCI, DCI etc.

The institutions run by the trust have always been keeping pace with the changes in the latest training methods available in the world. As many as 1500 students and 400 faculty members of the medical institutions (medical college and hospital, dental college and hospital, college of physiotherapy and college of nursing) run by the Trust at any given time, are engaged in learning. teaching and research activities. These activities are being carried out with the utilisation of various Information Technology (IT) Methods.

PMT-PIMS Campus WiFi 

Students, faculty and visitors at the Pravara Institute of Institute of Medical Sciences can now enjoy the flexibility to access web and exchange resourceful information from anywhere within campus. Reason: the campus is now Wi-Fi.

To stay advanced and provide students with the best of the latest services, the University campus has gone Wi-Fi, enabling students to access the internet through the wireless router, anytime and anywhere in the campus. The campus is wireless-fidelity enabled, with an internet speed of 6 mbps. Students in the campus can now access internet from anywhere using their wireless devices.

NICNET MEDLARS Service From NIC, New Delhi 

NICNET is disseminating information from National Library of Medicine (NLM, USA) Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval Systems (MEDLARS) databases to the medical community in India and neighboring counntries. Over 140 medical institutions are accessing NICNET based MEDLARS services throughout the country – Pravara Medical College is one among them. MEDLARS database connectivity has been installed by the National Informatics Center (NIC), New Delhi, MEDILINE

Internet Connectivity 

The students and faculty of the organisation have a direct access to the broadband internet services through a WiFi, wireless network & through intercom telephone lines.

The internet connectivity is available to faculty and students in the library & hostels .

The connectivity is being used to search various medical references, medical databases, forvisiting websites of other medical education and medical care institutions within country and abroad.

The entire network is behind firewall and all the trafice is scanned at the gateway level for threats and viruses.

Internet Conenctivity at Staff Quarter & Hostels 

The internet connectivity through broadband conenctivity has been provided to all staff quarter and hostels.

The staff from their residence & students from hostels accessing the Internet through Internal Telephone Line, hence without any recurring cost.

CD-ROM Library 

The central library of the organisation is equipped wih MEDLINE D-ROMs (1996 onwards) and other various medical subject wise CD-ROMs for the reference of udnergraduate, postgraduate students and faculty

Central library

Introduction: The PIMS, DU Learning Resource Centre (LRC) is rapidly developing to be one of the most sought after professional education & research referral library. The service was started in the year 1984. All bibliographic details of books, journals and CD-ROM databases are accessible through the campus wide network. The library has vast number of printed documents, and as on date, subscribes to over 319 national and international journals.The Library has established contacts with other organizations for exchange of the Institute’s publications and inter-library loan arrangement.

To stay advanced and provide students with the best of the latest services, the Library has gone Wi-Fi, enabling students to access the internet through the wireless router, anytime from Library

Rural Medical College Rural Dental College
Rural Medical College College of Nursing College
Campus top View Cofee Shop
Dental College building OPD Entrance
Campus Arial View
Campus Arial View
The Pravara Medical Complex has setup a state of art pyrolytic incinerator (PY-200) in 1998 for rapidly destroying all bio-medical waste material generated in the campus from the 700 bedded multispeciality rural hospital, Dental hospital, physiotherapy & rehabilitation center.The double chamber incinerator can reduce 70-90 kg/hr bio-waste.The incinerator helps the management to maintain the bio-waste and hospital waste pollution in the campus at zero level.

Pravara Medical College Loni
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