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Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences Deemed University Karad is located in Western Maharashtra, India against the background of mountains and valleys. The campus is spread over 60 acres and is well connected by national highway to Mumbai & Pune International Airport.

The constituent colleges of the University include Medical, Dental, Physiotherapy, Nursing and Biotechnology offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses in respective faculties. It also runs Ph.D. programs in Anatomy, Community Medicine, Pharmacology, Microbiology and Nursing. 

The medical college is about 29 years old and is recognized by the Medical Council of India, Medical Council of Malaysia and is listed in the WHO’s world directory of Medical Schools. MBBS and postgraduate degree/diploma courses in clinical and basic sciences in 17 disciplines are recognized by Medical Council of India. It also admits the international students from all over the globe for MBBS course. 

Courses Details :

Under Graduate Courses
Sr.No Course
1. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery M.B.B.S.)
2. Bachelor of Dental Surgery (B.D.S.)
3. Bachelor of Physiotherapy (B.P.Th.)
4. B.Sc. Nursing
5. Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing
Faculty of Dental
Master of Dental Surgery (M.D.S.)
23. Prosthodontics and Crown and Bridge
24. Conservative Endodontics
25. Oral Surgery and Maxillofacial Surgery
26. Periodontology
27. Oral Pathology and Microbiology
Ph.D. Courses
Sr.No. Course
1. Ph.D. Anatomy
2. Ph.D. Community Medicine
3. Ph.D. Pharmacology
4. Ph.D. Microbiology
5. Ph.D. Physiology
6. Ph.D. Pathology
7. Ph.D. Biochemistry
8. Ph.D. Child Health Nursing
9. Ph.D. Community Health Nursing
10. Ph.D. Obstetric & Gynecology Nursing
11. Ph.D. Medical Surgical Nursing
Faculty of Medicine
Sr.No. Courses
1. M.D. Anatomy
2. M.D. Physiology
3. M.D. Pathology
4. M.D. Pharmacology
5. M.D. Bio-chemistry
6. M.D. Microbiology
7. M.D. Community Medicine
8. M.D. General Medicine
9. M.D. Paediatrics
10. M.D. Anaesthesia
11. M.D. Radio-diagnosis
12. M.D. Dermatology
13. M.S. Ophthalmology
14. M.S. ENT
15. M.S. General Surgery
16. M.S. Orthopedics
17. M.S. Ob & Gyn
18. M.S. Medical Anatomy
19. M.S. Medical Physiology
20. M.S. Medical Microbiology
21. M.S. Epidemiology
22. M.Sc Public Health
Super-specialty courses
1. MCh Neurosurgey
2. MCh Plastic Surgery
Post Graduate Diploma Courses
Sr.No Course
1. Diploma in Ob/Gyn. (D.G.O.)
2. Diploma in Medical Radio Diagnosis (D.M.R.D.)
3. Diploma in Orthopedics (D. Ortho.)
4. Diploma in Anesthesia (D.A.)
5. Diploma in Child Health (DCH)
6. Medico Legal Systems
Faculty of Physiotherapy
Master of Physiotherapy (M.P.Th.)
28. Musculo-skeletal Science
29. Neuro Science
30. Cardio –Pulmonary Science
31. Pediatric Neurology
32. Community Health
Post Doctoral Fellowships
1. Neonatology
2. Geriatric Medicine
3. Sports Medicine
4. Perinatal Medicine
5. Assisted Reproductive Technology
6. Minimal Access Surgery
7. Cleft lip and pallet
8. Emergency Medicine & Critical Care
9. Spine
10. Echocardiography
11. MicroEndodontics
Faculty of Nursing
M.Sc. Nursing
33. Medical Surgical Nursing
34. Ob/Gyn Nursing
35. Child Health (Pediatric) Nursing
36. Community Health Nursing
37. Mental Health (Psychiatric ) Nursing
Faculty of Allied Sciences
M.Sc. Nursing
38. M.Sc. Biotechnology
39. M.Sc. Microbiology
40. Molecular & Human Genetics

History :

KIMSDU, a place, where a thought of serving the society sowed in 1982, has grown in a sprawling campus spanning 53 acres of tranquility. Equipped with the best that technology has to offer, KIMSDU strongly believes in the thought that lead to its inception, namely “social responsibility”

Our founder Shri. Jaywantraoji Bhosale’s foray into education started way back in 1964 with the establishment of Society for Promotion of Education in Farmers. In 1984 where medical education was the forte of government run institutions, Shri Jaywantraoji Bhosale, with his continuous efforts persuaded the then Government of Maharashtra for private participation in the field of medical education and laid the foundation for what today is KIMSDU.

Acquiring the University status in 2005, KIMSDU has spread its wings to explore the diverse fields in medicine through its constituent colleges which include Medical, Dental, Physiotherapy, Nursing and Biotechnology.

The staff at each college comes with a wealth of knowledge, experience and most prominently the desire to inculcate values in each student. KIMSDU is not only a focal point for education but also a hub for research activities. Research is an integral part of our education system, and that’s what we indoctrinate in our students.

If you ask us, what sets KIMSDU apart? Our humble answer would be continual work towards creation of curriculum that will help our students have better perspective on the novel concepts and trends in medicine and to ensure that every student looks at research as a part of his/her DNA and not just a part of the syllabus.

Krishna Hospital :

Krishna Hospital is an institute that resonates the coming of age of medical services in India. May it be a day to day regular ailment or a concern that requires specialty services and care it can all be found here. A team of expert doctors with decades of experiences highly trained nursing and ancillary staff, latest equipments and machines handled by skilled technical staff and a strong backbone of support services has helped elevate Krishna Hospital to a premier health care institute. The hospital with a capacity of 1100 beds, 28 wards, 7 different ICUs has added a number or various capabilities over the years, however has always stayed true to its DNA of “affordable, quality medical services for all”.
No. of Beds : 1100

  • 11 fully equipped major operation theaters
  • 2 Minor Operation theaters
  • Labour Rooms
  • Pharmacy
  • Central hospital Laboratory (Pathology, Biochemistry & Microbiology)
  • Blood Bank with components
  • Computerised medical records
  • Departmental offices & Library
  • Hospital Kitchen / Canteen.
  • Counseling (Clinical Psychologist, Child Psychologist, Speech Therapist)

In Patient Department :

The in-patient department can be categorized into two sub sections wards and ICUs. A total of 28 specialized wards and ICUs provides with a capacity of over 1100 beds in the hospital. With such a huge facility comes the goliath task to maintain safe practices, sanitation and hygiene standards as well as safe and legitimate waste disposal facility. To ensure this and an infection free environment the hospital follows strict protocols in cleaning wards, handling laundry and linen, disposal of bio-medical waste, visits from patient relatives etc. A dedicated team of dietitians screens nutritional needs of all patients as a part of initial assessment within 24 hours of being admitted as well as follows up on any changes to me made thereafter. The Hospital canteen in conjunction with the dieticians works towards providing tailor made diet chart for every patient. All the wards are well lit with an optimized use of natural and artificial light and have fresh air circulation through the well thought layout. The ICUs are air-conditioned. The whole facility has electrical backup facility which ensures 24*7 electrical power through a system of generators and UPS.

Emergency Services :


The emergency Services today has — fully equipped beds to handle any emergency 24*7. Central oxygen, monitoring of vital statistics, suction and resuscitative measures for the pivot of services provided. Patients coming in with serious ailments are administered immediate medical care and then moved an attached ICU where by a team of doctors and nursing staff work towards stabilizing the patient. Once stable they are moved to specialized ICUs or inpatient wards as per the requirements. Patients with minor concerns are provided with preliminary treatment and discharged after chalking out a follow-up schedule.

Library Services :

Library Resources As on 28.02.14
No. of Books 30,001
No. of Journals
Online data bases 4119
E – book 102
Kiosks 38
Bar-coding :
Bar-coding of books and borrower’s ticket; of the library members is regularly done for smooth and timely circulation of library material.
Computer Lab :
Library has a computer lab of 32 computers with internet connection.
MUHS Digital Library :
Library subscribes to MUHS digital library which contains 2074 e resources on medical and allied topics.
Animations :
Library has leased some medical animations from MARK IV Animation Studio Pvt.Ltd., Coimbatore.
Book Exhibitions :
Library conducts book exhibitions regularly.
Library Orientation Programme :
Library Orientation Programme was conducted for the newly admitted student of I MBBS. The students were informed about the overall library inventory including books, journals, magazines, CDs, DVDs Library rules, procedures, digital library, computer lab and general information including various facilities and services rendered by the library. All the students in three batches were taken around the library to familiarize them with various sections resources and services available for them.
New GenLib:
Library installed New GenLib library software for upgrading library automation
Libx Mozilla Firefox Plug-in:
Medical and health science related websites are increasing by the day. Researchers find it difficult to remember the website addresses. Libx, an Internet browser plug-in for libraries developed by Virginia Tech University has prepared a list of important and regularly required websites. The IT department has embedded required links in this plug-in which is displayed along with Mozilla Firefox browser. By clicking on the concerned name searcher can open the site without entering the web-site address.
Best Reader Award :
The library gives incentives by the way of Best Reader Awards to the undergraduate, postgraduate and faculty members every year for making maximum use of the library.
Open Access :
Library follows open access system from the very beginning through which the user can search books.
In addition to the Central Library, The newly established Dental College Library is housed in an area of 11000 sq.ft. with a separate Audio-Visual, Journal, Internet and Photocopy section. The spacious and well-lit reading room has a seating capacity for 250 students. The library has more than 2000 Books, 40 National & International Journals & 11 E-journals subscribed to.

International Students :

International Students KIMSForeign Students: Student holding passport issued by foreign Countries including people of Indian origin (PIO) who have acquired the nationality of foreign countries are included as foreign students.

Non Resident Indian (NRI): Only the NRI students who have studied and passed the qualifying examination from schools or colleges in foreign countries will be included as International Students. This will include the student studying in the schools or colleges situated in foreign countries even if affiliated to the Boards of Secondary Education OR universities located in India. It will not include student studying in those schools or colleges (situated in India) and affiliated to the Boards of Secondary Education or universities located in foreign countries. Students passing the qualifying examinations from Boards or Universities located in Foreign Countries as external students and dependants of NRI studying in India will not be included as International Students. Once a student is given the status of an International Student, his status will be maintained throughout their education in KIMSDU.

Blood Bank :

The Blood Bank at KIMSDU was established in 1984 and in 2003 under the scheme of modernization of blood banks it was completely revamped to a fully fledged component blood bank now recognized and registered as a Regional Blood Transfusion Center under State Blood Transfusion Council of Maharashtra. 

The main function of the blood bank is blood collection, processing of whole blood, preparation of blood components, storage of whole blood components & destruction of contaminated blood. 

The bank has grouping and cross matching laboratories which use latest techniques and screen blood for various transfusion transmitted diseases. The component division is fully equipped with nine refrigerated centrifuges, Laminar Airflow, Deep Freezers (-350 & -700C), Platelet Agitators, incubators. 

The blood bank now manufactures four major components viz. red cell concentrate (PCU, fresh frozen plasma (FFP), platelet concentrate (PC) and cryoprecipitate (CRYO). It also serves a training center for blood bank officers and technologists of other blood banks.

Power House :

The power house is the pulse of the any institution and the flawless working of the department at KIMSDU ensure round the clock electricity for the whole campus. A power house receives about 1000 KVA of power through express feeder and the same is then distributed throughout the campus. The Power House also has 750 KVA capacity of generator back up in an unlikely event of power failure from the grid. 

Apart from this the power house also looks at installations, repairs and maintenance of various electrical equipments, air conditioners and telephone lines on the campus. The department also provides and maintains a UPS backup for all life saving equipments in the hospital.

Ambulances :

The university owns 4 state of the art ambulances and one dental van. All these ambulances are well equipped with various life support equipments and manned by qualified staff and can be used as both patient transport ambulances and emergency ambulances. The ambulances are always on standby to meet any contingency. As a part of its social initiative the ambulance charges are kept minimal with further discount for patients with minimalistic means of sustenance.

Transportation :

The KIMSDU transport department manages a number of different vehicles for the requirements of patients, staff, students and university officials. The transport department boasts of 4 state of the art ambulances, 1 dental van, 8 buses, 1 fire fighter, 1 tempo, 1 tractor, 1 Honda City, 1 Tata Safari and 2 Mahindra Scorpio vehicles. This huge fleet is managed by 24 drivers and 6 assistants round the clock. To run such a huge fleet of vehicles in the most economical manner the transport department also operates its own workshop to carry out various minor repairs and scheduled maintenance through its own qualified mechanical team. A washing point equipped with air compressor helps keep all vehicles in ship shape as well disinfection of ambulances.

Auditorium :

A newly constructed air-conditioned auditorium with all the contemporary facilities and a seating capacity of 1000 people was inaugurated on the 31st of March 2012; it witnessed it’s 1st ceremony by the way of Oath taking ceremony of 29th batch of RGNM Nursing and 6th Batch of Basic B.Sc. Nursing. Built using the latest in construction business this facility was built in a record time of 3 months. The indigenously built acoustics system saw that the building was well within its budget. The painstakingly and meticulously built interior causes an illusion of a pillar less hall. The auditorium is also supported by a 24*7 generator backup. The major strength of the auditorium lies in its versatility, by the virtue of which it can be used for a variety of functions including conferences, seminars, guest speeches etc.

Cafeteria :

The University has its own cafeteria that serves a variety of mouthwatering dishes right from local flavors to the authentic South Indian and North Indian delicacies. High hygiene standards and ample seating capacity ensures that all visiting guests are served satisfactorily. The campus also has dedicated counters from MNCs like Nescafe and Amul. These counters serve food and beverages from these reputed companies. Alongside these counters is a newly opened cake shop that would satisfy the craving of every sweet tooth with their mouth watering and delicious cakes and pastries.

Banking Services :

Krishna Sahakari Bank is sister concern of KIMSDU has an extension counter of the bank on campus. This branch not only assists students and staff to maintain savings accounts without having to leave the campus but also carry out various transactions like receive money from their wards around the country, request for a demand draft for various payments to be made to the university or the college.

Looking at the varied demographics of people visiting KIMSDU as well as staying on campus, KIMSDU has a 24*7 State Bank of India ATM on campus with two teller machines. With these machines on campus the students never need to keep too much money on hand.

ATM Services :

Looking at the varied demographics of people visiting KIMSDU as well as staying on campus, KIMSDU has a 24*7 State Bank of India ATM on campus with two teller machines. With these machines on campus the students never need to keep too much money on hand.

Guest House :

The age old Sanskrit saying “Athiti Devo Bhava” resonates in one’s mind as they look at our plush guest house facility. A total of 12 rooms including 3 V.I.P rooms give our guests a feel of home away from home. These rooms are equipped with air conditioners, television sets intercom etc. The bell hop is available 24*7 to service the guest requirements. The guest house serves its patrons with tea, coffee, cold drinks, breakfast prepared in its own kitchen. A dining area provides patrons an apt place to meet over lunch or dinner. The guest house also arranges for pick up and drop facility if the guest requires through our transport department.

Beauty Parlor :

With lectures and studies occupying the greater part of the day, taking time out to visit a beauty parlor would seem like a farfetched dream considering the travel time, missed appointments, waiting endlessly for your turn. But KIMSDU with its unique “students first” way of thinking has a ladies beauty parlor on campus. Girls can pamper themselves with a variety of beauty treatments in half the time it would take to go outside and at very reasonable rates at the hands of expert beauticians.

Departmental Store :

A departmental store in a university campus?? Yes!!! You heard that right, to cater to the needs of Patients, Students and Staff the campus has its very own departmental store where you can buy all your daily need items at competitive rates. Having the store on campus proves to be a boon for all the residents on campus as well as students and out of station staff who take up their own accommodation in nearby areas. The store sells daily grocery items, packaged food, stationary and many other useful things.


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